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Happy Halloween: Don't be afraid to know your customers

Selling without the Smarmy

Whether you call them clients, customers, friends, or your network, if you're in business you have customers.

If we are frank, and, we should be. Clients can be a colossal headache at times. They fail to pay, pay late, fail to be on time, and sometimes torpedo the project they need so badly. Over time, this can lead to the temptation to . . .

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October 30, 2015

5 Ways to Make Sure You Don't Lose a Month

What do you mean it is September Already?

It’s already September. What happened to August, let alone the summer?

If this sounds like something you are asking, you are probably someone who is trying to juggle 100 balls all at the same time: working and running a home, trying to keep everyone happy, the kids organized, the pets fed, and yourself sane!

Here are 5 tips to help you keep . . .

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September 16, 2015

How you can love Mondays


A little context is in order. For the over a decade, I have managed projects in one shape or another. Because of meeting schedules and a healthy dose of psychology Fridays are when stuff goes wrong. Clients panic, systems malfunction, and requirements are changed. If you are a project manager and you are going to get an email stating a . . .

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September 07, 2015

Glass House Report

Transparency Report for August

Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times. ~ John Gerzema

A monthly dose of realism, accountability, and tasty humble pie

TLDR: Yay transparency blog! We are still small! Good things are coming!

Seems like every time the CEO of a company blogs it feels like a lot of hype. I am left . . .

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September 04, 2015

Maybe it's Cliche but, "Hello World"

"There is a place where the sidewalk ends"

All adventures start with something small. As a kid, it was dad saying, "I know a shortcut". Sometimes they start with an innocent question like "How many customers do you have?" and these questions lead to unexpected places.

In perhaps his most popular poem Shel Silverstein wrote:

Let us leave this place where the smoke . . .

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September 01, 2015